When my running took a slower turn in my early 40’s I thought it was the final slowdown – we all get older and we all slow down….  In 2013 my wife said: “Nick, you’re just getting old”.  And you know what, it made sense…. my times had steadily gotten slower and I was trying to run more miles and more races….and nothing was working !!!

Flip forward to November 2013.  My friend posted her before and after weight loss post on Facebook.  I posted back – wow, how did you do it?  She said a word I had never heard before – Isagenix.   She then said that it could help me as an athlete.  Honestly, here I am at 145 lbs, saying…there’s no way I’m using a weight loss product to lose weight.  She explained that it was not a weight loss product – it is a nutritional system for everyone.  I then proceeded to talk to many people, most of whom had never heard of the system either.  My chiropractor and my personal trainer convinced me to try it and I jumped in.

Fast forward to April 2014 and I ran 18:58 in a 5K, 45 sec faster than I had run it in 18 mo.  Then I ran my 3rd fastest marathon 2 weeks later in Providence, RI.  A year later I ran my fastest Boston.  Then I ran my fastest 20K and 1/2 marathons in my life in September 2015 and March 2016, respectively.  And finally last week I ran my fastest 5K in 5 years – 18:43.  (Note added Dec 2016 – I ran 18:24 on December 4 and my 3rd fastest marathon in October [3:21])   I can tell everyone with conviction that this system made me a better runner and athlete.   I have also started strength training and this has allowed me to run fewer miles – with confidence I ran my fewest miles since 1998 in 2016 – with better results.  I can’t tell you how excited I am – it has been years since I have felt such energy and running is fun again….well, even more fun than in years…almost like college….haha

The facts since Sept 2014 through now:

5K – 18:24 -> fastest since 2010
4M – 25:26 -> fastest since 2001
10K – 39:32 -> fastest since 2008

10M – 1:05:32 -> fastest ever lifetime (PR – Personal Record – Mar 2018)

15K – 1:03 -> fastest since 2005

20K – 1:23:39-> fastest ever lifetime (PR Mar 2016)
13.1 – 1:30:05-> fastest ever lifetime  (PR Sept 2015)                                                                                                

4.72 – 29:22 -> fastest since 2009 (Manchester Classic-CT)
26.2 – 3:24 -> fastest at Boston; 6th-fastest ever                                                                          

26.2 – 3:21 ->  3rd fastest ever

These are facts – I can’t change them – you can look up my running times on the various web sites. The best thing is that, as a running coach, I can help every single runner with their nutrition and that will, in turn, put them in a better position to succeed.

My questions to all runners is then – what are you willing to do to get better?  And, how can I help you?

Are you ready?

Running & Nutrition Tips…..  

Marathon Training……

Coach Nick

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Nickolas Joannidis
Nickolas Joannidis
I have been running for over 35 years, having done practically every possible racing event or distance from the 100 meters through the marathon. I competed in varsity high school cross country and track at Saddle Brook High School in the mid-1980's, varsity cross country and track at Division II Pace University and finished well over 200 road races since then, including 20 marathons with a lifetime best of 3:14:50. I was the president of the Hoffmann LaRoche corporate running team for 7 years, growing the team from 25 to over 90 during his tenure. I coached many of these runners to achieve their goals, whether they were beginners or advanced. In 2011 I was an assistant coach for the Fair Lawn Recreation track team, helping the 10 to 14 year old group. I am currently personally coaching dozens of runners, from beginner levels to advanced levels and getting them to be prepared to meet their goals.

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