I am a running and wellness coach and have been running for over 40 years and competed in varsity high school cross country and track at Saddle Brook High School in the mid-1980’s, varsity cross country and track at Division II Pace University and finished over 250 road races since then.  This includes 25 marathons with a best of 3:14:50, having qualified for the Boston Marathon4x.  I recently set PR's in the 10 mile, 20K and 13.1 mile (half marathon) distances and currently coach winter track at Fair Lawn High School and am Head Coach for Cross Country at Midland Park High School. Contact me for other services:

- Pacing you for a PR - I run next to you and motivate you to get you there
- Race director for your race - I help you with my experience from choosing the date thru race day
- Marketing your race event - we leverage our various e-mail lists (over 40,000 contacts) to get you more competitors
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Listen to our customers

  • Always an avid “workouter”, I was used to pushing myself both mentally and physically. Despite this, the workouts that were most difficult for me were the ones that incorporated running. I was NOT an athlete growing up. Running was always something I feared!  I have vivid memories of struggling through the mandatory “mile run” in high school.  Never fearing a challenge and in an attempt to cross goals off my bucket list, I signed up for my FIRST half marathon (at this point I could run about 2 miles). By October, I knew I needed a more structured running plan, guidance and accountability. I went on the hunt for running coaches! That’s when I stumbled across Nick’s Complete Running Coaching. I immediately contacted Nick to chat half marathon training. From the very first conversation, I knew Nick was someone who could help me reach my goal of running (and finishing) a half marathon. For the next four months, I followed the customized running plan Nick created, attended weekly workouts at the track and updated him with weekly progress. Fast forward- three weeks ago….I ran and completed my first half marathon and it was truly AMAZING. Throughout the whole race I felt strong. Even as I approached a dreaded, HOT (the half was in Florida) hill at mile 11, I heard Nick’s voice in my head saying, “Let your arms drive your legs!” Throughout the whole training process, Nick was extremely supportive and professional.  But most of all, he held me accountable and pushed me forward. I don’t believe I would have been able to finish that half marathon without his guidance and coaching. Thank you, Nick!!!!
  • I started working with Nick in Nov 2015, and I came to him because I wanted to get serious about being a runner.  He Is by far the most professional coach whom I have met (I have worked with several fitness coaches in the past).  Since working with him, my performance has tremendously improved, I have lost weight, I have stopped smoking and my overall confidence has increased.  Nick is a caring coach, always checking up on me to make sure I show up to practice or that I am completing my program.  He always gives so much value out of his pure passion to give the best service possible.  I would say his top strength is being motivating, positive and straight to the point.  He never let’s me make excuses as to why I cannot achieve something, always provides a positive perspective on my bad days and most importantly, he constantly reminds me of the small wins along the way – which motivate me to push forward to achieve beyond my goals.
    Elinor C.
  • “I've been working with Nick for about 2 years.  During that time I have completed 2 half marathons and several 5Ks and 10Ks, with several PRs.   Nick will work with you based on your goals, schedule, and ability. He creates easy to follow workout plans that match my needs, skills, and goals, so that I can build both speed and stamina, while working around my schedule.   He is especially patient with beginners--no experience, no problem!  He takes the guesswork out of training.  With Nick's help, I have stayed focused, injury-free, and motivated.  Nick has tremendous knowledge of not only running, but also nutrition and conditioning.  Nick truly loves all things running and his enthusiasm is contagious.”
    Carol M.
  • “After a rough 2 years of injuries, foot surgery, (and some personal worst times) Nick has gotten me back on track.  There's quite a few running coaches in the area that provide training plans, but few have the motivation, patience, and knowledge to work with you personally to achieve your goals.  His training plans have helped me reach my times from 2 yrs ago, without injury..which is a big deal to me since I'm so injury prone with high mileage.  If it weren't for Nick's motivation, willingness to run parts of long runs with me, and education on nutrition, I wouldn't have had the courage to sign up for my 1st marathon. If you're looking for structure, training plans, running partners, and a fun time running (w/out injury which is more important than pr's)- Nick is the perfect coach!!”
    Danielle I.
  • Yesterday I Ran The Garden State Plaza 5K and came in Second Place, with the help of Nick.. I have took off 5 minutes off from my last 5-K I feel I definitely have improved, I could NOT have done it with Nick's telling ME, how much He believed in ME! Yes I did the work, not without Nick Hard Work. I will always be grateful for His Kind Heart and His Passion in People, Nick is ONE of A Kind will, there is NO one like HIM, Nick You are my Hero, You made me believed again, Thank You For ALL you Have done for ME!! Anyone who wants to contact this Amazing person who is a Running Coach, He is the BEST!!”
    Joanne A.
    personal trainer

Athletes Receive All of This:

- Initial evaluation where I review your history and establish training goals
- Monthly customized training schedule with detailed daily workout description
- Weekly analysis of training
- Unlimited access to your coach via email, phone, Skype, text or messaging
- Running-specific stretching and strength training tips
- Training and race day nutrition guidelines
- Training and race recovery guidelines
- Injury advice and modification of training schedule
- Race preparation advice
- Post-race evaluation and analysis
- Motivation and sports psychology tips
- Access to weekly track workouts and local group runs
- Help to find local professionals for shoes, massage, etc. to enhance your training

Do You Want To Be A Better Runner?

If you already are a runner, I can make you a better one. I will focus my efforts to find a schedule that will put you in position to do well in your goal race. There is always room for improvement. Some improvements are also not measured in time - are you now less injured, for example. Whether it is your 1st 5K or your 23rd marathon, I can help anyone get better. I have put together a comprehensive running program and have brought together the absolute best in the industry to cover all aspects of running training including: strength, speed, running technique, injury prevention, sports massage, recovery, nutrition and more! Come and join us for a couple of group runs or workouts with no strings attached.

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